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 Showcasing the valuable  work we do with vulnerable   families 

Impact Report

NDAS is committed to saving lives, reclaiming lives and improving the lives of individuals and families that are affected by Domestic Abuse.


We believe that everyone, adults and children has the right to live in a safe environment, that allows them to thrive, realise their potential and develop at their own pace.


We want to prevent, reduce and minimise the harm inflicted by domestic abuse and help families to be healthy and resilient and for the future generation to be less free from abuse and fear.

Every year we report on the progress we’ve made and how we’ve achieved what we set out to. Our annual impact reports showcase some of the great work we do and provide a check-in to make sure we’re still on track to meet our strategic objectives as well as outline where we go next.

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Did you know that in 2022/23:

  • We supported 121 families in refuge

  • Refuge stay was an average of 3 months.

  • We answered 2047calls on our advice line

  • We supported 357 adults through groupwork programmes

  • We supported 87 adults via our Outreach programme

  • We supported 161 children

So how did we do in 2022/23?

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All previous Impact Reports are available to download here:

Our Impact Report 2018/2019

Our Impact Report 2019/2020



Our Impact Report 2020/21


Our Impact Report 2021/22

We hope you find our latest Impact Report an interesting and positive read
and would love to hear your thoughts and feedback. 

Our Impact Report 2022/23

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