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Children in Library

Children's Services

NDAS not only supports children in refuge but also offers supports children via outreach  programmes.  The outreach support offers up to 12 weeks support enabling children and young people the opportunity to safely share their experiences with specialist staff.  This provision provides a building block for children and young people to a future where healthy relationships are understood, support networks are in place and through sharing of own events the element of self-blame is erased.


Our  Childrens Outreach waiting lists are now OPEN.

Outreach referral forms can be downloaded HERE

Children and young people have responded positively to all the support and have welcomed staff into their world where they can start their journey of recovery.  Sessions are tailored to the needs of each child but always include safety planning, thoughts and feelings, healthy/unhealthy relationships, support networks and understanding the different types of abuse.  Staff feel privileged to be a part of each and every child’s journey as the realisation that they are no longer alone and can start to imagine a more positive future for the first time.

Positive professional relationships have been built with supporting agencies and work is also undertaken to support parents in understanding and exploring the voice of the child.  Children’s Support Workers empower parents to manage behaviours that can be associated with trauma in a safe way.

Sessions are offered to all children in refuge, support with accessing school and nursery places and plan and deliver a range of activities to celebrate key events throughout the year. 

Boy Playing Outdoor
Children's Groupwork

We offer several different options for groupwork programmes catering for parents and children.

Please note, Me and Others and Me and Us is only available via school referrals

For more information or to join the waiting list, please call 0300 0120 154 or email:

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