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Attentive Therapist

Support Programmes & Group Work

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We also run groupwork programmes for parents: 

Who's in Charge?

A programmeto support parents struggling to cope with abusive behaviour from their children. 

Who's in Charge? referral form

You and me Mum

A programme to support Mum's to understand the needs ot their children who have experienced domestic abuse at home. 

You and me Mum referral form

We have several different options available to offer to families affected by domestic abuse. All support is available free of charge.  Some of this support may be provided virtually.

If you would like to make a referral please complete one of the below referral forms and email to

VOICE Programme

The VOICE Programme is designed for female or male victims of domestic abuse and is a 10 week group course.

VOICE referral form (self or professional)

Domestic Abuse Toolkit

This programme is run with Creating Equals and is designed for black and brown female victims-survivors of domestic abuse. 

Please contact us via or 0300 0120154 to book a place

Your Power to Change

A programme for individuals displaying abusive behaviours.

Your Power to Change Referral form (professional)

Your Power to Change Referral form (self)

Outreach Referral

12 week intensive support outreach programmes for victims of domestic abuse. This course is available for adults or for children who have witnessed domestic abuse.


Any questions can be emailed to or by calling 0300 0120154

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Children's services

NDAS offers one to one as well as group work for children who have been impacted by domestic abuse at home. 

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