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Packed Luggage

What can I take into refuge?

We know that it’s not always possible to plan ahead and sometimes you are forced to leave in an emergency, without any of your essentials.  However, as a guide, and if you have time to plan your exit, you should try to take the following with you to the refuge:

  • Identification

  • Birth certificates for you and your children

  • School and medical records, including the telephone numbers of the school and your GP or surgery

  • Money, bankbooks, cheque book and credit and debit cards

  • Keys for your house, car, and workplace

  • Driving licence (if you have one) and car registration documents, if applicable

  • Prescribed medication

  • Cards or payment books for Child Benefit and any other welfare benefits you are entitled to

  • Passports (including passports for all your children if you have them), visas and work permits

  • Copies of documents relating to your housing tenure, (for example, mortgage details or lease and rental agreements)

  • Current unpaid bills

  • Insurance documents

  • Address book

  • Family photographs, your diary, jewellery, small items of sentimental value

  • Clothing and toiletries for you and your children

  • Your children’s favourite small toys


This list is not exhaustive and not everyone will need everything on the list, but forward planning will help with the next stages of your journey/recovery. 

Remember, you have done the hardest thing already by reaching out… let us help you with the rest.

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