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Our Refuges

Refuge saves lives and has done in thousands upon thousands of cases. It works by providing
temporary accommodation, security and specialist support for families fleeing domestic abuse
and operates like a safety network available across the UK.

When clients first arrive in refuge, we offer them a package that contains toiletries, bedding
and other essential items. We also provide emotional support and listen whilst they talk
through the trauma they have suffered. Within the first two weeks of being admitted into
refuge a comprehensive support and safety plan is put together.

NDAS currently run 9 refuges in Northamptonshire providing safe accommodation to 34
adults and 49 children at any one time. Within this portfolio, we have provision for men (3
units) and for women (20 units), and specifically for women with substance misuse issues (5
units) and women from diverse communities (3 units).

We opened 2 new flats in November 2022 (compromising of 3 units), which will enable us to
respond to a wider variety of clients including trans and non-binary survivors, larger families
and clients with specific or complex needs that we would struggle to respond to in existing
refuge provision.

Take a look below at our various refuges and what they offer.

If you are looking for refuge, you can call us on 0300 0120154 or the National Domestic Abuse Helpline on 0808 2000 247

Image by Christopher Campbell

20% of children in the UK have lived with an adult perpetrating domestic violence and 62% of those living in households where is domestic violence are directly harmed

Click here to read about Sophie and how our 1:1 sessions helped her open up and talk about her emotions.

Note: Where we have used case studies, all names and indentifying details have been changed to protect identities. 


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