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Women's Refuge

We know that it is extremely difficult to break free from domestic abuse. On average, someone will try to leave at least 5 times before they are successful.

Some of our refuges have self-contained family units but generally you will be given your own room  to share with your children.


Other spaces (the living room, TV room, kitchen, playroom and possibly the bathroom) are shared with other refuge residents.


You will be expected to cook for yourself and your children. It is up to you and the other refuge residents, whether or not, you share cooking or eat together at mealtimes. You can be as self-contained or as sociable as you want to be.


You will be asked to sign a license agreement which will include the terms under which you can stay in the refuge and any necessary rules to ensure the safety of yourself and other residents.


Our refuges have their own codes of conduct regarding the day-to-day running of the house. These usually cover things like bedtimes for children, incoming telephone calls and rotas for using the washing machine.


For more information and advice, please call us on: 0300 0120154 or email:

male refuge

diverse needs refuge


substance misuse

NDAS DROP in sessions

NDAS offers drop-in sessions and booked appointments for anyone that is affected by domestic abuse.


Victims of domestic abuse ask for help from professionals an average of 5 times before receiving effective help to stop the abuse

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