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Kas yra patikėtinis?

 Labdaros organizacijoje patikėtinio vaidmuo – būti „tikslo sergėtoju“ ir užtikrinti, kad priimant sprendimus pirmiausia būtų atsižvelgiama į naudos gavėjų poreikius. Mūsų patikėtiniai saugo labdaros turtą – tiek fizinį turtą, įskaitant turtą, tiek nematerialųjį, pavyzdžiui, jos reputaciją.

Dabartinės galimybės

Ar kada nors svarstėte tapti NDAS patikėtiniu?  Šiuo metu į valdybą ieškome dinamiško ir įsipareigojusio patikėtinio. Žinių apie smurtą šeimoje nebūtina.  

Norime, kad mūsų valdyba atstovautų mūsų vietinei bendruomenei, todėl lauktume žmonių iš nepakankamai atstovaujamų grupių, ypač žmonių iš juodaodžių, azijiečių ir etninių mažumų bendruomenių, LGBTQ+, taip pat įvairaus amžiaus ir žmonių su negalia.  

Ieškome patikėtinių, turinčių įgūdžių ir patirties šiose srityse:

  • Aukštasis arba tęstinis išsilavinimas

  • Lėšų rinkimas ir pajamų generavimas

  • Komunikacijos ir viešųjų ryšių, ypač skaitmeninės rinkodaros

  • Auditas

  • Žmogiškieji ištekliai

  • negalia


Jei tai jus domina arba norite gauti daugiau informacijos, rašykite el.

Ateikite ir susipažinkite su dabartiniais patikėtiniais

Visi jie turi didelę patirtį iš įvairių sektorių. Norėdami sužinoti daugiau apie juos, spustelėkite nuorodas

NDAS Trustee - Beverley McConnell
NDAS Trustee Dave Lloyd-Hearn
NDAS Trustee Adele Knott
NDAS Trustee Jo Burns
Andrea Gomm_edited.jpg

Bev McConnell Bev joined the NDAS board of trustees in 2013.  She is a qualified social worker and has a background in multiagency safeguarding and currently works as an independent safeguarding consultant. She provides services to local authorities, education settings and private providers as well as acting as an Independent Social Worker in private law cases and as a review author.

Dave Lloyd-Hearn Dave has been a Trustee of NDAS since September 2019.  He has over 25 years’ experience in senior leadership across the UK and internationally in commerce, social care and currently is an NHS commissioner. Dave also is an associate lecturer in ethics, legal and safeguarding practice to mental health nursing students. The diversity of support for domestic abuse survivors of all genders and orientations has drawn his support to ensure equity and compassion for anyone who experiences DA and needs help.

Felicity Lister

Andrea Gomm Andrea is a qualified and experienced Human Resources professional with a strategic mindset and strong commercial background across all HR specialisms.  She focuses on aligning the people agenda with business strategy, empowering people to believe in their potential and perform beyond.  Supporting NDAS provides Andrea the opportunity to support a local charity that delivers invaluable services to the local community. Living locally to Northamptonshire she has a passion to help people make a difference in their lives.

Jo Burns Jo currently leads a local charity which operates a variety of programmes for those experiencing homelessness, addiction and poverty. She regularly sees and supports victims and survivors of domestic abuse, and witnesses the incredibly unfair and difficult situations they are in because of this. There are a multitude of barriers to individuals being able to receive adequate support for what they have faced. Prior to her current role, Jo managed the regional operations of a ​children's charity, and gained an understanding of the impact domestic abuse can have on children, but also the positive outcomes that some dedicated, specialist support can provide to those children. Charities like NDAS help break down the barriers, myths and challenges for individuals facing crisis and their families.

Kokia jūsų kompetencijos sritis?

Ar galėtumėte ką nors pakeisti?

NDAS Trustee Lynda Cox
NDAS Trustee Rufia Ashraf
ndas 026.jpg
Eric Lennox.jpg

Lynda Cox Lynda is an experienced manager and works at all levels within public sector organisations.  She has a wealth of experience both strategically and operationally across the public sector and has worked for central and local government, the NHS and higher education. She is experienced in managing complex change programmes with multiple stakeholders and believes that her experiences will be beneficial to NDAS. ​ I have an interest in and am extremely supportive of NDAS’ invaluable work and in particular the charity’s work in regard to mental health and the links to mental health services, including one system approaches and care pathways. I am also on the Council of Governors for Northamptonshire Healthcare NHS Trust as a public governor for Northampton.

Rufia Ashraf Rufia is a local Councillor and and is proud to have been the very first Northampton Town Council Mayor in 2019.   She was born and educated in Northampton and is a qualified social worker and a community activist.  As a passionate environmentalist she enjoys working in the community by organising walkabouts, litter picks and looking at ways to improve our local neighbourhood.  For many years she has been organising food aid collections for food banks and fundraising.     She was keen to become a trustee of NDAS, because having worked as domestic abuse officer, she saw many challenges facing the service.  She also has a family member who was subjected to abuse for years and found many local women with language barriers approach her to seek help.

Glynis Bliss Glynis has a career background in working with victims and witnesses of crime, specialising in working with victims of sexual, domestic and child abuse.  She established and managed the Witness Services in the Crown and Magistrates’ Courts in Northamptonshire for 6 years and pioneered those services for child victims and witnesses before moving on to become the CEO for Victim Support Northamptonshire for 10 years.  She then developed the project for the County’s first Sexual Assault Referral Centre (SARC), which she managed for 6 years.  Since retirement she has been a trustee for NDAS, including several years as its Chair.  She also chairs Referral Order Panels for the Youth Offending Service and sits on the consultative group for violence against women and girls for the East Midlands Crown Prosecution Service.

Eric Lennox Eric is a qualified chartered accountant with a variety of financial and management experience. He is Treasurer of the NDAS board and has been a member of the Rotary club since 2003. Eric took early retirement to allow him to spend more time doing charitable activities including supporting NDAS.

Mark Behan Mark has recently retired as a detective chief superintendent, head of crime in Northamptonshire Police following 32 years service.  Public protection policing including tackling domestic abuse which was a consistent and significant element of his career. He introduced a number of initiatives to improve the Police and multi-agency response to domestic abuse including risk assessment, specialist rape teams, an expanded resource dedicated to domestic abuse and a domestic homicide review.  He remains appalled at the harm caused by domestic abuse. Being an NDAS trustee gives me the opportunity to continue this work and bring a substantial criminal justice perspective to the work of the Board.

Chatting Over Coffee

Buvimas patikėtinių komandoje man suteikia atsakomybės, iššūkių ir didelį pasitenkinimą. 

Mūsų tikslas, vizija ir įsipareigojimas

Registruokitės ir padėkite pakeisti

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