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Daniel's Story

Daniel is 53 and was married to Janet for 10 years. From the start of this relationship, Janet was abusive. She subjected him to verbal, mental and physical abuse. She would punch him, stab him, and throw things at him.

Daniel suffered a stroke 2 years ago and became more vulnerable. Janet responded by escalating the physical abuse towards him, which ended up with Daniel in hospital due to his injuries. Daniel then found the strength to tell the police what had been happening. The police immediately placed him in temporary accommodation. He was admitted to our male refuge shortly after this.

We supported Daniel to apply for any benefits he was entitled to, and we provided advice and links to help with future budgeting. We assisted him with a homeless/housing application, and we have been able to gather all the documents and evidence and provided supporting letters needed for this process.

Our support workers helped Daniel to understand the signs of abuse, the different types of abuse, red flags in relationships and how to identify unhealthy relationship indicators.

Daniel has now been offered his own flat. He has had ongoing support during the move-on process. NDAS are assisting him with finding affordable appliances and low-cost furniture.

We wanted the move to be as smooth as possible, so lots of emotional support has been provided, and we will also continue to support Daniel after leaving refuge via our Resettlement support programme.

Male victims (39%) are over three times as likely as women (12%) not to tell anyone about the partner abuse they are suffering

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