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 Everyone has the 

 right to feel safe 

Our Vision & Values


NDAS is committed to saving lives, reclaiming lives and improving the lives of individuals and families who are affected by domestic abuse.


We believe that everyone, adults and children, has the right to live in a safe environment that allows them to thrive, realise their potential and develop at their own pace.

We want to prevent, reduce and minimise the harm inflicted by domestic abuse and help families be happy, healthy and resilient; and for future generations be free from abuse and fear.

Image by Darius Bashar

To achieve our vision, NDAS will

  • Deliver quality services that are accessible to all, regardless of sex, gender, race, culture or background.

  • Work to reduce the number of victims of domestic abuse and reduce the risk faced by victims and their families;

  • Empower survivors and their children to rebuild their lives, free from violence and fear;

  • Reduce the stigma of domestic abuse and encourage families to access help sooner;

  • Raise awareness of domestic abuse, what it is and the impact it has on families;

  • Establish ourselves as an integrated part of the communities that we work with and for;

  • Be a respected, professional and trusted organisation in the county working closely with other partners;

  • Achieve independence through a diversified income that is not reliant on public sector funding;

  • Deliver evidence-based services, focusing on a trauma-informed approach to address adverse experiences (and ACEs), promote longer-term rehabilitative change and create positive future outcomes for families.

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