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Outreach Support Programme


We offer bespoke intensive support programmes to both victims as well as children. This is done on a one-to-one basis and is a trauma informed approach. Our specialist Targeted Support Workers meet with the clients to determine what level of support they need, and in which area.

Support is focused on three or more of the below areas:

  1. Being safe

  2. Where I live

  3. Relationships

  4. Feelings and behaviour

  5. Friends

  6. Confidence/self esteem

  7. Education and Learning

Using the Laptop

 NDAS talked me through the self referral   form and how to get onto Zoom 

groupwork for adult victims

children's services


training for professionals

The Advanced Domestic Abuse Awareness Training is a course for professionals that includes gaining knowledge on what domestic abuse is, awareness of the extent of this, what impact it may have on victims and children, the best response and who can help.

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12 Week Support Programmes (Adults & Children)

This support is available to both adults and children free of charge.  Some of this support may be provided virtually, in line with current government guidelines.

If you would like to make a referral please complete a referral and email to: 


Or for further information call: 0300 0120124

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