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Freedom for children


A programme to suit children of primary school age (5 – 11) who have been exposed to male violence within their home.


The group aims are to enable children to identify and name abusive and non-abusive behaviours and therefore recognize the difference between the two.


This allows children to gain an understanding of what underpins a healthy relationship, how behaviour choices affect others and most importantly the understanding that the violence is not their fault.

The group runs for over   8  weeks with sessions lasting 1  hour
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The effects of Domestic abuse on children

Many children exposed to violence in the home are also victims of physical abuse.


Children who witness domestic violence or are victims of abuse themselves are at serious risk for long-term physical and mental health problems.


Children who witness violence between parents may also be at greater risk of being violent in their future relationships. If you are a parent who is experiencing abuse, it can be difficult to know how to protect your child.

NDAS aims to give all children and young people the confidence to stay safe and regardthe freedom to be children once more
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